ࡱ> QSP5@&bjbj22"6XXS &DV<&2&1111111$4R7j2E  2X2### B1# 1##$#o0h1 0 !01Dn202047j"7 1&&1>7Y1P@R#0 22&$Jd d# &JYouth Programme Action 4.3 Training Course WALKING WITH WHITE CANE II BLIND YOUNGSTERS CAN INVOLVE EUROPEAN VOLUNTARY SERVICE 6 DAY TRAINING COURSE FOR YOUTH WORKERS AND YOUNGESTERS INTERESTED IN EUROPEAN VOLUNTARY SERVICE (EVS) Date of the training: 09 january 2010- 14 january 2010 Venue: Turkiye/0stanbul Bringing together blind youngesters and organizations in order to developing EVS projects. Training in all Youth in Action program Training EVS in practise, in theoretic Workshops in different fields of art, music, sculpture, dance.. SPECIAL WORKSHOP How do blind people use computers? Target Group: Youth workers (18+), working directly with BLIND young PEOPLE, facing difficulties in terms of social Inclusion, blind people&low vision people. Objectives: To motivate & empower participants to start projects in the YOUTH IN ACTON in particular EVS Creating structured EVS project for the target group To bring a clear view on the possibilities in the (new) YOUTH IN ACTION program Stimulating long term cooperation between similar international organizations Prevention of potential troubles and difficulties during international projects. To provide pedagogical support and time for the participants to develop their own activities in the frame of the Youth in action program. To support the inter cultural and inter professional exchange between participants Costs: Travel costs: 70 % of the real travel cost and accomodat1on will be covered by the  YOUTH program of the European commission Applicant Countries: EU Member CountriesAustria Belgium Bulgaria Southern Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland FranceGermany Greece Hungry Irelan%+,FGH岖z_C'7h(h6B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 7h(hrF6B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(htB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 7h(hrF5B*CJ4OJQJ]^JaJ4mH ph[[[sH 7h(ht5B*CJ4OJQJ]^JaJ4mH ph[[[sH 4h(h B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH .h(B*CJ,OJQJ]^JaJ,mH ph[[[sH 4h(hB*CJ,OJQJ]^JaJ,mH ph[[[sH  +,GH'    " $ r t 1 3 5 L $a$gd($a$gd(&   & ' - 0 ǫtYC(YtY4hIhIB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH +h_hI:CJOJQJ^JaJmH sH 4h(h B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 7h(h 5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(hB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 7h(h(6B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH :h(h(56B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(hrFB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH    > J ^ `  $ > T ^ p t v 1 5 L w Ͳ藲Ͳ貗|`|`7h(h 5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(hrFB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(hB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(h B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH .h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH "L J K %'xzZ\d $$Ifa$gddHgd $a$gd( I J K T ^ b z{\d8˰}}}}}a}}R=(h(56B*CJ,]aJ,mH ph[[[sH hySh(CJOJQJaJ7h(h 5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(h B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH .h B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH .h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 7h(h(5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH $$#$)$*$9$A$B$I$J$R$g$h$k${$$$$$$$$$ˮˮˮ˓˓˓z˓˓oSOh(7h(h(5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH h(5>*OJQJ1h(5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h5h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h$h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH U.h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 7h5h(5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH (8Jj$$$ $$Ifa$gddHgkd$$IfF,"# t0644 lad Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg MaltaHolland Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Spain Sweden England EFTA COUNTRIES Iceland Liechtenstein Norway How to apply: Fill in the Part III Form, which is enclosed Sign and stamp it Fax it to + And Post the original copy to the address : GOZDE SUTCU, Cengiz Topel Cad. Etiler Mahallesi, Mineli Sokak. zden Sitesi, B Blok, Kutay 2 Apt. Etiler/ Besiktas /ISTANBUL TURKEY Note: pls do not send scanned version of PARTIII, we need fax! POST CODE: 34337 Contact Person: Gozde SUTCU Mob:+90 505 5716809 Fax: +90 212 358 5704 E-mail: gozdesutcu@yahoo.com DEADLINE: 20 May 09!! $$$$*$2$9$B$J$S$Y$`$h$ $$Ifa$gddH h$i$j$k$z${$$$qiaaaTi ^`gd($a$gd($a$gd(kdI$$IfFF ,"   t06    44 la$$$$$$$%9%%%&&&&$&&&3&_&|&$a$gd8, $ ^a$gd($ & F ^a$gd($$ 1$7$]^a$gd(gd($a$gd($ 1$H$a$gd($$$$%5%7%9%W%X%x%%ڿqY>#4hdHh(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmHph[[[sH4h(h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmHph[[[sH.h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4h(h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4hNh(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH phsH .h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4hNh(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH  h(5>*CJOJQJ^JaJ(h(56B*CJ,]aJ,mH ph[[[sH %%%%%%%&&&͵hM17h8,hdH5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 4hIhdHB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH 1hI5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH phsH 7hIhI5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH phsH .hIB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmHph[[[sH.h(B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmHph[[[sH.hdHB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmHph[[[sH4hdHhdHB*CJOJQJ]^JaJmHph[[[sH &&&1&2&<&F&P&]&g&{&}&~&&&&ñѱѱѱ|c|1hI5B*CJ(OJQJ]^JaJ(mH phsH 7h8,hdH5B*CJ(OJQJ]^JaJ(mH phsH 0h8,h :B*CJ(OJQJaJ(mH phsH #h(B*CJOJQJ^JaJph[[[h(CJOJQJ^JaJ#hdHB*CJOJQJ^JaJph[[[7h8,h(5B*CJOJQJ]^JaJmH ph[[[sH |&~&&&$a$gd8, 1h/ =!"#$%G$$If!vh5"#v":VF t65#k$$If!vh5 5 5 #v #v #v :VF t65 5 @@@ NormalCJ_HaJmHsHtH RA@R Varsay1lan Paragraf Yaz1 TipiRi@R  Normal Tablo4 l4a ,k@, Liste Yok*O* ww8num1z0,U@, (Kpr >*phr@r (Tablo K1lavuzu7:V0S 6U 0gT+,GH'BDF34jln%& ^`>@45IJRZcs&'()89YZ[jlm~ : < = U 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 000000000 000000000 00000000 0 0000000000 0 0 0000p0 0 00 00 00 0 00(0+,H'BDF4jln ^`>@U @00@00@00@00@00M90@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00@00 0ٳU $%&& L $h$$|&& & ;TTTTTT,TLT TTTTT3T3T2Tj!Tj!TLj!TTDTTTtT4T,TTT̏!T!TL!TTDTT|T<Tlw!T,w!T<TT/T/Td!Tb!T TLT!TLTDJTlTs!TTTTTTTT$TTDTkkJJRRZZcssy99CRRU       !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:&ppQQYYbbrx%%@@PXXU    !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:8;*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsdate=.*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags PlaceType=/*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags PlaceNameV9*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsplacehttp://www.5iantlavalamp.com/h8*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsCity0http://www.5iamas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagsB6*urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttagscountry-region 11420109DayMonthYear;;9896969699/.9696969696969696969696969896969696969696969961AFh4ai  &(./46;<BFJLQTWY_ai  % / 0 5 U 02`3  9 U 333333F'F&J'[mY}= R U U Sistem%|3$z$#V;TrJZJXqpK^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(pp^p`CJOJQJo(@ @ ^@ `CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(PP^P`CJOJQJo(h^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohpp^p`OJQJo(hHh@ @ ^@ `OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHoh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJo(hHh^`OJQJ^Jo(hHohPP^P`OJQJo(hH^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(pp^p`CJOJQJo(@ @ ^@ `CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(PP^P`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(pp^p`CJOJQJo(@ @ ^@ `CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(PP^P`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(pp^p`CJOJQJo(@ @ ^@ `CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(^`CJOJQJo(PP^P`CJOJQJo(TrJ%Xq#V;|3$/x J%HfT,J%HfT,-P}/x  (8,9;V;%tArFdHIT] ySBt5IJ&'U @; ; ԯ9; ; @{@99S p@p p@ppH@Unknown Gz Times New Roman5Symbol3& z Arial5& zaTahoma7&  VerdanaCFComic Sans MSA& Trebuchet MS?5 z Courier New;Wingdings"qh:Ն:Նdd!24O O  3qH(? YOUTH PROGRAMME Gozde SutcuSistem      Oh+'0`   ( 4@HPXYOUTH PROGRAMMEOUT Gozde SutcuozdNormaluSistemu2stMicrosoft Word 10.0@G@r@rd՜.+,0 hp|   O A YOUTH PROGRAMME  Konu Bal  !"#%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?ABCDEFGIJKLMNORRoot Entry FTData 1Table$7WordDocument"6SummaryInformation(@DocumentSummaryInformation8HCompObji  FMicrosoft Word Belgesi MSWordDocWord.Document.89q