ࡱ>  0J5bjbjvJ,4t|M(8888+M-M-M-M-M-M-M$pORQM-bbbQM88~MT!T!T!b88+MT!b+MT!T!HD}K8_ QҼ R]I&MM0MIRrRL}K}KRL6IT!D!AQMQMl MbbbbR : Istanbul: European Cultural Capital of Youth 12.05.2009 20.05.2009 / Istanbul Turkey The purpose of this info-letter is to give you well-rounded information on a youth event which is in the process of being organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Youth Assembly (IBB Genclik Meclisi) within the framework of the project Istanbul: European Cultural Capital of Youth. Who is Istanbul Metropolitan Youth Assembly? Istanbul Metropolitan Youth Assembly is a body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) whose objectives are: Enabling youth to produce projects in cooperation with local governments, to raise awareness of local governments on youth issues by establishing the communication between youth and local governments, Supporting youth to be idealist and active by raising their self-confidence, to be an active part of solutions, Identifying youth problems and to develop solutions for those, Creating a platform where each idea can be discussed freely, Supporting knowledge and information management by using all kinds of media and organizing trainings, Active involvement of youth as consultants, decision makers and managers within the framework of equality and democracy, Serving Istanbul youth in social, cultural and several other contexts, Being an assembly that is active, effective and well known both in national and international levels. What is the importance of Istanbul: European Cultural Capital of Youth project? In a world being globalised, learning about other cultures and accessing the required information is very easy. But it often just remains one-sided information as long as it is not experienced. Thus, direct communication and collaboration is indispensable for creating a structured intercultural dialogue and enabling mutual understanding between nations. Through this project, we the youth of Istanbul would like to use the rare opportunity to initiate an active dialogue with our European, Mediterranean and Caucasian neighbours. With this project we aim to exchange our cultural experience and values with the specific emphasis on the way how we live and experience culture in our cities. A greater attention will be given to the importance of the city of Istanbul as a brand in terms of culture and the fact that for the first time a Turkish city has been designated as a European Capital of Culture. We want to show (and also learn by ourselves) what Istanbul can offer, put it in comparison with other cities, develop innovative ideas on how an intercultural dialogue can be facilitated within the framework of ECC, give recommendations and finally become more active and cooperate in this field. EU provides lots of opportunities to motivate youth in the context of cultural merging. For the future, steps must be taken to make youth as forces to follow up the cultural dialogue. That is why the effects of youth when determining the culture become very important. This project has been thought to develop ideas on how youth should understand the concept of culture and how they can draw a strategy of culture that will help to maintain the cultural dialogue. This way, the stereotypes youth has obtained can be changed and the meaning of culture will be understood in a multifaceted way. Aim and Objectives of the project: The global aim of the project which shall contribute to Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture is to highlight the role of Istanbul and its exemplary importance as an intercultural and inter-religious meeting point for young citizens. In this regard and through its activities the project seeks to achieve the following objectives: contributing to different areas of culture in Istanbul and establishing trans-cultural relationships among them; combating cultural prejudices and exclusion on social and political level; witnessing cultural variety through exchange of experiences and knowledge among 150 young people from current, future and former European Capitals of Culture as well as EU neighbouring countries; establishing a structured basis for intercultural dialog; providing a stable ground for future cooperation projects between the participants and institutional partners. Being young representatives of former, present and future European Capitals of Culture, we believe that understanding each other on cultural level is the first step towards a multilevel sustainable and successful cooperation. We want to use this project to improve our knowledge, skills and attitude in this field and through this competence to support future success of European Capital of Culture more directly and intensively. In addition the project shall support developing a basis for Istanbul both as a European Capital of Culture and an European Capital of Youth Activities and Schedule of the Project: The Activities During the event and beyond there will be four different type of activities implemented: (1) Workshops, (2) Music and dance activities, (3) Get to know Istanbul and (4) Public activities. 5x half day workshops: Shooting Culture: Different definitions of culture will be told by photos taken by participants during the project. Intercultural City dialogue: A general discussion will be initiated and recommendations will be constructed on how "Intercultural Dialogue can take place (be facilitated) within a multi cultural city during the ECC year and beyond?" ECOC! So what?: The aim is to find out more about the history and purpose of ECOC, its influence and relevance for the designated city. Living Culture in Europe Linking tradition and modernity: The aim is to raise the level of participants knowledge on how all the elements of culture as a way of living are interrelated and coexist in different European countries. WS5: Www.citylab.ist!: The aim is to gather all information and outcomes of the WS1-4 in a creative way. A multifaceted and representative website about the event developed and created by the participants will be constructed. Music and Dance Activities: Sufi Music and Dance workshop: Turkish and Sufi music, the art of Calligraphy will be presented to and performed by participants. Music and Dance performances in the evening: Folklore dance and music from all over Turkey will be presented to and performed by participants. Get to know Istanbul: 1) Golden Horn Rally: While searching for hints in Golden Horn, participants will visit historical places. 2) Alternative Guided City Tour Cultures in Istanbul: A half day city tour mainly focuses on different cultures, nations and communities in Istanbul. 3) Historical Tour to Miniaturk: participants will learn about historical and cultural monuments in Turkey Public Activities: Istanbul-Ambassadors: Public discussion panels/ exhibitions in Istanbul and each participating partner city will be organized during and after the youth-event Happenings: - Graffiti action in two parts of the city on cultural diversity and co-existence - Eurovision song happenings on May 16th Celebration of youth and sports day (19th May): Participants will be involved in the celebration of youth and sports fest in Turkey. Istanbul: European Cultural Capital of Youth 12.05.2009  20.05.2009 Draft program 12.05.200913.05.200914.05.200915.05.200916.05.200917.05.200918.05.200919.05.200920.05.2009Official OpeningEnergizerEnergizerTreasure Hunt and Topkap1 TourEnergizerEnergizerEnergizerKEEP IN TOUCH AND DEPARTURETurkish CourseTurkish CourseTurkish CourseTurkish CoursePreparation WorkshopWorkshopWorkshopWorkshopCelebration of youth and sports dayIntroduction to the program and workshopsArrival of ParticipantsLunchBosphorus Tour (Lunch on Boat)LunchLunchLunchLunchLunchWorkshopTour "Cultures of Istanbul"Grafitti and EurovisionSufi DancePreparation for Public PresentationsPublic PresentationsTour to MiniaturkWorkshopEvaluationArrival to Karaky Dinner and PerformanceDinner and Reflections on the tourFree TimeDinnerDinnerFormal Welcome DinnerDinnerDinner and Eurovision PartyDinnerOutcome of Workshop No.4 Living CultureFinal PartyFree Time Profile of the Participants: The participants of the project should: be motivated to learn and to share their experiences in an intercultural environment; be able to act as multipliers within their organizations and projects and to engage in follow-up projects; have a recommendation letter from the youth councils/ organizations/ student councils where they are taking part; be able to communicate in English (no interpretation will be provided); available to attend the full duration of the project; be between 18 and 30 years of age (preferably) be ONLY from Istanbul and other European Capitals of Culture from 2003- 2013 , that means from: Graz (Austria)Genoa (Italy)Tallinn (Estonia)Koice (Slovakia)Lille (France)Cork (Ireland)Pcs (Hungary)Guimares (Portugal)Patras (Greece)Vilnius (Lithuania)Turku (Finland))Linz (Austria)Sibiu (Romania)Liverpool (GB)Maribor (Slovenja)Stavanger (Norway)Marseille- Provence (France)Luxembourg City and Greater Region: Lorraine (France), Rhineland & Saarland (Germany) and Wallonie (Belgium))Ruhr Region (Bochum, Castrop-Rauxel, Dorsten, Dortmund, Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Hamm, Hattingen, Herne, Moers, Oberhausen)Istanbul (Turkey)AND also be from cities in Jordan, Egypt, Armenia and Georgia Application procedure and selection of participants: Interested persons from Istanbul and other European Capitals of Culture from 2003- 2013 as well as from Jordan, Egypt, Armenia and Georgia should complete one of the attached application forms. There are two ways of application possible: You apply individually! In this case you will need in addition to the Application form for individual applicants a short recommendation letter from an organization where you are actively involved. The applications without recommendation letters can not be taken into consideration. Your organization will apply for your participation directly and in this way can nominate additionally up to 8 candidates per organization. To do so, please use the Application form for organizations. All candidates/organizations must send their application by latest 20 April 2009 to the following email-address:  HYPERLINK "mailto:application.ECCY@gmail.com" application.ECCY@gmail.com Please note that due to large number of applications only selected candidates will be informed by 29 April 2009. So, if you do not receive any information by this date that means that your application was unfortunately not successful this time. Please write in the subject area of your email only individual application for ECCY if you are an individual applying or only organization application for ECCY if you are a youth council, organization or a student council. Financial and practical conditions of participation: All travel, accommodation and catering expenses will be covered. (The coverage will be provided ONLY for participants who attend the entire event!!) For further information please contact the organization team:  HYPERLINK "mailto:eccy.istanbul@gmail.com" eccy.istanbul@gmail.com Best Regards, Istanbul: European Cultural Capital of Youth - Organization Team ,-YZny  7 @ A n o p q vj^RF8hhE35CJ]aJhhxmCJ]aJhh 6CJaJhhxm6CJaJhh<6CJaJhhlj}6CJaJhhlj}CJaJhhSCJaJhaCJaJhh=cCJaJhhxmCJaJhT0hD;#B*ph(hT0h=c5B*CJaJmH phsH (hT0h<5B*CJaJmH phsH (hT0hxm5B*CJaJmH phsH -YZp q  M 0 V W $ & Fdha$gdro$ & Fdha$gd[$ & Fdha$gda $dha$gd[$dh`a$gd[ pdh^pgd[dh^`gd[q x y   f  - : M o w  / 0 O V Z ||l|_hro0J5CJ]aJhhK0J5CJ\aJhhTM0J5CJ]aJha0J5CJ]aJhaCJaJhhTMCJaJhaCJ]aJhhTMCJ]aJhhKCJ]aJ hh$ B*CJ]aJphhL:5B*CJ]aJph#hh!5B*CJ]aJph%Z h p v V W r tbP>P3hhxmCJaJ#hhE35B*CJ\aJph#hh:h+5B*CJ\aJph#hh r5B*CJ\aJphhhE3CJaJmH sH (hhE35B*CJaJmH phsH  hhE35B*CJaJphhhE35CJaJhhE3CJaJhroCJaJhhTMCJaJhhE30J5CJ]aJhro0J5CJ]aJhhTM0J5CJ]aJ \]&RS $dh*$1$a$gd[$dh`a$gd[$ & F dh*$1$a$gd[$dh^a$gd[$dh`a$gdZ $dha$gd[$eZdh^e`Za$gd[ 59< #$%&'Ԯ{l{l{l]N]l?hhhCJaJmH sH hheDCJaJmH sH hh8CJaJmH sH hh$ CJaJmH sH hh mCJaJmH sH "hhm6CJ]aJmH sH "hh$ 6CJ]aJmH sH "hhxm6CJ]aJmH sH hh~16CJaJhZCJaJhh~1CJaJhh<CJaJhhxmCJaJhh$ CJaJ'v1Rb%5PQRSӦĵyjX"h5B*CJaJmH phsH hhlj}CJaJmH sH hhgxCJaJmH sH hhE3CJaJmH sH hh8CJaJmH sH hhPCJaJmH sH hh mCJaJmH sH hhhCJaJmH sH hh$ CJaJmH sH hh&@CJaJmH sH hhxmCJaJmH sH %02tWտ{f{PfP{f{f{Pf+hhD;#5CJPJaJmH nH sH tH (hhD;#CJPJaJmH nH sH tH hhD;#5CJaJmH sH (hhD;#5B*CJaJmH phsH hhD;#6CJaJmH sH hhD;#CJaJmH sH +hhD;#5B* CJ\aJmH phsH +hhD;#5B*CJ\aJmH phsH (hhD;#5B*CJaJmH phsH tWt !{dh[$\$^`gd[ & F dh^gd[ & F dh^`gd[ dh7$8$H$gd[ & Fdh7$8$H$^gd[dhgd[ dh*$1$gd[ $dh*$1$a$gd[Wrt" # !C!!!!"""7""""E#I#p#̼呼ll异V+hhD;#CJH*PJaJmH nH sH tH +hhD;#CJPJ\aJmH nH sH tH hhD;#CJaJmH sH +hhD;#5CJPJaJmH nH sH tH (hhD;#CJPJaJmH nH sH tH hhD;#5CJaJmH sH 1hhD;#B*CJPJaJmH nH phsH tH 4hhD;#5B*CJPJaJmH nH phsH tH  !!""""#I#####,$.$L$N$P$f$|$ $$Ifa$gdD;#gd| 8d^8gdD;# $d*$1$a$gd|pdh^p`gd[ & F dhgd[ dh7$8$H$gd[dh[$\$^`gd[p#r#y#####,$.$L$P$%%:%&)))ҽҲ{pbpZpOH7 hhE35B*CJaJph h|5>*hn<h(CJaJh(CJaJhn<h|5CJ\aJhn<h|CJaJhD;#h|B* CJaJph#hD;#h|5B* CJ\aJph+hn<hD;#5CJPJaJmH nH sH tH h|5>*mH sH (hhD;#CJPJaJmH nH sH tH +hhD;#5CJPJaJmH nH sH tH .hhD;#5CJH*PJaJmH nH sH tH |$$$$$$%%%%<%P%d%%%%%%% & & &&&,&-&<& $IfgdD;#FfFfi $$Ifa$gdD;#<&K&X&Y&Z&[&\&e&n&o&x&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Ff@ $$Ifa$gdn}FfwFf4 $IfgdD;# $$Ifa$gdD;#&&&&&&&&&&&&'!'''-'3'9'?'@'A'B'K'L'h'''Ff Ff $IfgdD;# $$Ifa$gdD;#'''''''''''''''''''''''''Ff* $$Ifa$gd(Ff% $IfgdD;# $$Ifa$gdD;#'(((,(-(.(/(0(1(2(3(4(5(6(Y(Z(d(k(r(s(t({((((Ff-:Ff5 $$Ifa$gdD;# $IfgdD;#Ff/((((((((((((((((((()))I) $dha$gd[ $dha$gdH@FfEFf? 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